A Significant Innovation

Unlike traditional floating docks requiring several individual flotation boxes, Quaibec docks use tube-shaped, one-piece HDPE floats.  This has numerous benefits:

Excellent Swell Resistance:
The one-piece structure is more rigid and stable, even in rough conditions.

Ice Resistant:
Ice cannot form on the tube-shaped float, which means you can leave your dock out in the water year round, usually without any problems!

Because Quaibec floats have no sharp corners or edges, they’re safer for boats and swimmers.

Flexible Design:
Several sections can easily be connected together to create a dock that fits your needs.

High-density Polyethylene, the Ideal Material

HDPE has several unique characteristics, which make it the perfect material for designing durable and practical floats.

  • HDPE has an infinite useful life
  • HDPE requires no maintenance
  • HDPE cannot be damaged by animals
  • HDPE is light-weight and easy to remove from the water
  • HDPE does not deteriorate
  • HDPE respects a lake’s ecological balance

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